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Post holiday sales

The 2013 Christmas with all its discounts and sales dropped back.

Now it’s January sales time. Get ready for new discounts!

Some of you received as a Christmas gift not the thing you wanted to receive. For the next Christmas try to be more ‘explicit’ with your friends and family but now you have the chance to buy the gift you wanted due to seasonal shopping, namely New Year shopping and January sales. It’s true, after hot Christmas discounts some prices revert to ‘normal’ but January sales will give you something special.

The ‘something special’ is the pleasure of buying gifts for you. Sounds selfish? No! Think of the camera or DVD you wanted to receive as a Christmas gift but you’ve received only a pair of socks. It’s your time now!

Best thing to buy in Jan - TVsJust in time for your Super Bowl party, TVs go up for sale big time in Jan

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January is Time to Save

January sales don’t seem to be very attractive for you? Than you’ll have to wait until the next significant price drop the next Christmas maybe. If you know during the year you’ll have to buy a certain thing maybe it will be better for your budget to buy it know when prices are very low.

Come January, look for sales at major department stores like JCPenney, Macy's, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond

Find great deals on all clearance items at SmartBargains

January holiday deals have become a rule. The shopping pleasure will last much longer than on any other holiday. New Year shopping can be very attractive because of the ‘brand new’ discounts and hot holiday deals in the middle of a cold winter.

January retail sales

January is a slow month for sales, but the smart shoppers know this is the time to buy Holiday giftwrap, Christmas decorations, Toys, Winter Clothes, Swimwear, Linens, HDTVs/Home Theater, Video games, Home Decor, Furniture, Fitness equipment

The best time between Jan-Feb. do ebay or craiglist and garage sales.
Everyone throws, gives or sells cheap all the stuff they got on sale last christmas

Make sure you NEED the item before you buy it. Do not buy something just because it's on sale!. That is the best way to save money

Seasonal shopping guide

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Contests and giveaways

Buy now pay later shopping option

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Celebrate a great Mother’s Day holiday

Surprise mom with a present she is sure to love

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