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When we make purchases online, we are first attracted by the rates that are usually lower than in retail stores. However, when you move to checkout, the total price of the order looks already not as optimistic as it has had previously. Shipping significantly increases the price of the product, especially when it is not pricey, but quite heavy. You can even feel your mood has spoiled and now you want to go to retail shop and get this item without any wait.

Free shipping option is a real advantage that can help you to benefit from your purchase the most. Many Internet shops have already understood the positive influence of free shipping on the volume of purchases, so they include this service. However, right now free shipping is usually available only as a part of a special offer or promotion, or it is offered for customers making an order higher than some predetermined sum. Sadly, often this free shipping option is offered only customers residing in the continental part of the US. Shops like Amazon always have a part of items eligible for free shipping.

When you find a special offer that includes free worldwide shipping, make sure you find out what type of shipping the seller is going to use. This can be SAL or First Class shipping that comes without tracking number and you will need to wait up to 1 month for it.

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