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In ordinary life the majority of us wear casual clothes. Office look and refined style are definitely great, but do they always fit the occasion? There are situations when you may want to add some fun. Various parties and Halloween celebrations will become much more entertaining if you and other guests choose to wear not everyday clothes, but fancy dresses.

Costumes attract much attention, they help to set up the atmosphere of a holiday, and you will find it more amusing to dress as a fairy or Princess Zelda rather than wearing a pair of your casual jeans. Also costume party is a prefect idea for celebration of your child’s birthday.

Nowadays costume parties become more and more popular. Visitors are often given guidance concerning the “dress code”. For example, all guests must wear masks, should dress like pirates or aliens. You can also make your party super funny by suggesting guests to make their costumes by themselves.

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If you are invited to a carnival or a costume party, you may face the difficulty of choosing the right costume. If so, first think, what character or style you like the most. Are you a fan of computer games? Think of Lara Croft and Super Mario with Princess Peach.

Do you like comics? No problem! Spiderman, Batman, Superman costumes are easy to obtain. Girls will like to turn to princesses and wear fancy dresses with ribbons, laces and frills. People with good sense of humor may go even further, selecting a cartoon character costume like Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh, or try some apple or mango dress.

Without a doubt, Halloween is the most popular time for costume parties. This is the time when even adults don’t hesitate to try on an image of a vampire or a witch. This year we recommend deviating from the abovementioned styles in favor of something unexpected. How about turning into medieval king or queen? You will amaze all guests if you use a costume of a character from “Alice in Wonderland” or “Avatar” movie.

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When selecting a costume for a party or a carnival take into consideration how long you are going to wear this costume and what you plan for that night. A renaissance style dress may not be the best choice in case you plan to dance a lot. Finally, your perfect costume should fit well and bring you the atmosphere of a holiday.

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